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Ohio Health Officials Speak Out As Lawmakers Prepare To Override Veto

Dan Konik

Public health experts are speaking out against the bill that would allow state lawmakers to overturn a governor’s health and emergency orders, and would restrict those orders at the local level too. Gov. Mike DeWine vetoed that bill yesterday, but legislators are set to override it today.

The bill would also ban local boards of health from shutting down schools, specific businesses or public gatherings. Those restrictions were added into the House version of the bill to stop local entities from issuing orders the state couldn’t.

Dan Suffoletto speaks for Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County - one of nine agencies that held a news conference Tuesday in advance of the veto, to urge lawmakers not to try to override it.

“During a public health emergency, you want people who are trained in public health managing the emergency. Having untrained individuals making decisions during that emergency is not in the best interest of the citizens," Suffoletto said.

Health systems and the Ohio Hospital Association are opposed to the bill, along with major physicians’ and nurses’ organizations, the Ohio Mayors Alliance, the County Commissioners Association of Ohio and the states community colleges. 

House and Senate leaders say they have the votes to override the veto.

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