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Another New Ohio Abortion Law Is Temporarily Put On Hold

doctor using telemedicine
doctor using telemedicine

For the second time this week, a new Ohio abortion law has been put on hold. This one affects the use of telemedicine in abortions.

A Hamilton County judge has temporarily blocked the law that prevents doctors from using telemedicine to write prescriptions for medical abortions. The hold lasts until April 19th when a larger lawsuit challenging the  constitutionality of the new law moves forward in the court system. Laurel Powell with Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio says the new law denies women their constitutional right to an abortion. 

“It wasn’t ok to single out abortion care and say, ‘We’re ok with telemedicine except for this one case,'” Powell says.

Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis says the law is needed to keep pregnant women and their fetus safe.

This is the second time this week that a court has ruled an abortion law cannot go into effect when planned.

Earlier this week, enforcement of the new law that requires cremation or burial of fetal tissue was put on hold until the Ohio Department of Health clarifies rules for abortion clinics to follow. 

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