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COVID Grace Period For Ohio Drivers' Licenses And Registrations Expires Soon

Ohio Dept of Public Safety

Ohioans who needed to renew their drivers’ licenses or vehicle registrations during the pandemic have been given a grace period for the past year. But it expires soon. 

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says Ohioans need to renew their drivers’ licenses, state id’s and vehicle registrations by July 1 – no exceptions.

“According to the BMV, there are around 100,000 drivers licenses and 221,000 vehicle registration that expired during the time period and these individuals, as of this date, have yet to renew so we urge them to renew. We also urge them not to wait until July 1st because there will be a big rush," DeWine says.

In many cases, vehicle registrations can be handled online. And if you need to renew your license, you might be able to check in at your local BMV online and hold your place so you don’t have to wait in a long line. 

For more information on handling transactions online, go to

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