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Most Fireworks Are Still Illegal In Ohio But That Could Change Soon

Dana S.,

Ohioans can buy fireworks that cause big explosions but cannot legally set off those consumer grade fireworks here. That could change if Gov. Mike DeWine signs a new bill into law. 

Under current law, people who purchase fireworks must take them out of state to set them off. But this bill would allow fireworks to be set off in Ohio on about two-weeks-worth of holidays throughout the year. Republican Sen. Michael Rulli (R-Salem) says there are some restrictions. 

“We are not going anyone to discharge any fireworks in Ohio under the influence of drug or alcohol. And this is an important one for a lot of us – this bill also respects the right of local municipalities to restrict or ban the use of fireworks in their community," Rulli says.

Because of those restrictions, many who illegally set off fireworks now would find it’s still illegal in the future. And the new legislation won’t be in effect for this 4th of July weekend anyway. 

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