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DeWine Says He Can't Mandate Masks In Schools Because "There's No Appetite For It"

DeWine speaks to reporters at Ohio Statehouse
Dan Konik
DeWine speaks to reporters at Ohio Statehouse

The Ohio Department of Health’s latest COVID guidance for K-12 schools strongly recommends those who can be vaccinated get shots, and masks for those who can’t or choose not to. But it doesn’t mandate masks for all, like some individual schools are doing. 

Gov. Mike DeWine says when schools required students and staff to wear masks indoors last school year, it worked well at preventing COVID transmission. But he says he cannot do that this year.  

“There is not the appetite in this state today for that kind of mandate," DeWine says.

DeWine says he doesn’t have the ability to mandate masks in schools. Some districts have already adopted policies requiring masking for this coming school year, but some state lawmakers support legislation that would make it illegal for schools to mandate masks for K-12 staff and students. 

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