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Sports Attorney Says College Athletes Need To Be Fully Educated About Name, Image, And Likeness Deals

Forum on Name, Image, and Likeness at Columbus Metropolitan Club
Dan Konik
Statehouse News Bureau
Forum on Name, Image, and Likeness at Columbus Metropolitan Club

Otherwise, he says they could face unintended consequences.

Ohio collegiate athletes have begun entering contracts to sell their name, image, and likeness. However, there are questions about the details of those deals.

Luke Fedlam, a sports attorney in Columbus, believes college athletes that enter deals need to know repercussions that come with those benefits because name, image and likeness is uncharted territory.

“It’s new to college athletic departments, it’s new to parents, it’s definitely new to the student-athletes, it’s new to the coaches so there has to be some education to help prepare them so that student-athletes end up in a better spot when they leave school, since we know 98% of them are not going pro, that they are in a better spot than when they started," Fedlam said.

At a recent Columbus Metropolitan Club forum, Fedlam said without more specific information about NIL deals, students could end up with tax problems or other unintended consequences.

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