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Ohioans Will Have Opportunities To Weigh In On Redistricting

Ohio Statehouse
Statehouse News Bureau

Ohioans who want to make their voices heard on how to draw new lines for the state’s 99 House and 33 Senate districts will have opportunities to do that.

Jen Miller with the Ohio League of Women Voters says ten different dates and times have been set for public hearings before the Ohio Redistricting Commission on the line drawing process for Ohio’s legislative districts.

“We encourage as many people as possible to come with ideas as to how their districts could be better than they are today. Even that input could be helpful. Of course, it is easier to comment on proposed maps. We will not have those yet," Miller says.

The reason those maps won’t be available is the census information that’s used to draw the maps is late this year due to the pandemic. State lawmakers draw the Congressional map and haven’t released any dates for hearings or opportunities for public input.

legislative redistricting hearing schedule 2021
Ohio House of Representatives
Ohio House of Representatives

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