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Deadline Approaching For Maps For Ohio's Legislative Districts, But No Drafts Have Been Released

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Karen Kasler
Statehouse News Bureau
Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose, a member of the Ohio Redistricting Commission, talks to reporters about the work that group will do in drawing maps for districts for Ohio's state representatives and senators after a meeting of the Ohio Ballot Board on August 30, 2021.

The maps are supposed to be proposed, discussed in public hearings and voted on by Wednesday.

After a series of 10 meetings for public input last week, the panel of elected officials that’s drawing the maps for new districts for Ohio’s state lawmakers will hold a meeting tomorrow to take some action.

Wednesday is the due date for a vote on that map, and it will be almost impossible to hit that target.

Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose is on the Ohio Redistricting Commission.

He said he hasn’t seen any draft maps, though Democrats have raised concerns about how majority Republicans will create them.

The constitution amendment approved by voters in 2015 requires the legislative maps to be proposed and for three public hearings to be held by September 1. But LaRose said flexibility is needed because the Census data didn’t come in till this month.

“No, there’s no penalty for not making the September 1 deadline, but it is the public expectation that this will be concluded by September 15, and that’s the real final deadline that exists for the completion of this process," LaRose said.

A 2018 amendment says the Congressional map, which will go from 16 districts to 15, must be approved and have two public hearings before a vote on September 30.

State lawmakers who draw that map have made no announcements about that process.

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