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New Abortion Ban Bill Get Its First Hearing In The Ohio House

Protestors of Senate bill 123 abortion ban at rally at Ohio Statehouse
Jo Ingles
Statehouse News Bureau
Protestors of Senate bill 123 abortion ban at rally at Ohio Statehouse

This would make abortion illegal in Ohio if and when the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe-vs- Wade.

The Ohio Senate Health committee heard the first testimony on a billearlier today on a bill that would immediately ban abortion statewide if the U.S. Supreme Court decides to overturn Roe vs Wade in a case it will hear from Mississippi this December.

Republican Sen. Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) said the bill will outlaw abortion the minute the U.S. Supreme Court allows that. And while it would levy hefty fines on doctors who perform abortions, and even create a new felony level abortion crime, she said a person getting an abortion is not the target.

“This does not criminalize the woman at all,” Roegner testified.

Jaime Miracle of NARAL Pro Choice Ohio disagrees.

“Laws that shouldn’t prosecute people for actions during pregnancy are already being weaponized," Miracle said.

Miracle noteda 2015 case in Indiana where a woman spent a year in jail before charges were overturned. This bill does allow for abortions if the pregnant person’s health is in danger, but opponents say the process for getting that exception is difficult, if not impossible.

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