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Ohio bill would make it legal to transport injured police dogs in ambulances

A police dog with a human officer
A police dog with a human officer

Ohio lawmakers explain why this bill is necessary.

Police dogs injured in the line of duty often have to be rushed to veterinary hospitals. Often, they are transported in ambulances but not always. Some lawmakers say the problem is ambulance services sometimes question their liability in tranporting injured canines.

So, a bill(HB 392)introduced in September permits ambulances to transport injured police dogs. Democratic Representative Adam Miller (D-Columbus) says without it, there’s nothing in Ohio law that expressly allows that to happen.

“In a public law context, you have to have positive authority to authorize transport. If you don’t, you are putting the provider of the service in a situation that could be really problematic for them,” Miller says.

The bill passed with only one no vote in the House. It now goes to the Ohio Senate.

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