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Redistricting commission sets new rules for fourth try at Ohio House, Senate maps

Andy Chow
Statehouse News Bureau
Ohio Redistricting Commission meets to select mediators for new mapmaking team on March 22, 2022.

Independent mapmakers have been hired to create a new set of maps this time.

The drawing of the fourth attempt at new Ohio House and Senate maps will be a lot more public than the three previous tries – all of which resulted in maps that were struck down as unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court.

The Ohio Redistricting Commission has been divided along party lines for nearly all of its votes on maps, but the members agreed on a set of rules for newly hired outside mapmakers.

There was an extra level of attention to the court's ruling throwing out the third set of maps, which led to the introduction of 18 rules that the process will follow this time.

Not all the rules were adopted, but Speaker Bob Cupp (R-Lima) noted one that was - an extra step to insure the court’s demand that the drafting should occur in public.

“Ohio Government TV will livestream the map-making process in room 116. OGT will stream the map drawers whenever they are working in the room," Cupp said.

The cameras will be turned on at 8am Thursday. Members of the the public can watch in a nearby room.

The Ohio Channel will show the three computers that University of Florida Professor Michael McDonald and National Demographics Corporation President Douglas Johnson will use to make the House and Senate maps, which are due Monday. McDonald and Johnson will be joined by legislative staff and consultants in creating the maps.

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