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Democratic candidate for governor proposes rebates to help Ohioans fight inflation

Ron Sawyer, Cleveland area resident who supports idea of rebates to fight inflation
Jo Ingles
Statehouse News Bureau
Ron Sawyer, Cleveland area resident who supports idea of rebates to fight inflation

Ohio is set to receive $2.68 billion in the next round of federal funding from the American Rescue Plan. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley is proposing the state use that money to give rebates to an estimate 7.4 million Ohioans who are feeling the pinch from inflation.

“Ohioans are hurting right now – whether it’s from high gas prices to increased costs at the grocery store. Governor DeWine should be doing everything in his power to help ease those costs as corporate profits soar, yet we’ve seen time and again he’s more interested in taking care of his special interest donors and friends. When I’m governor, Ohio’s families will be my top priority. That’s why I’m proposing an inflation rebate of $350 per person, or $700 per couple, for middle-class Ohioans to offset high gas prices and other rising costs,” Whaley said.

Whaley estimated about 89% of adults in Ohio would qualify for rebates. Cleveland area senior citizen Ron Sawyer said it would help him because everything he needs to survive is more expensive these days.

“Everything from gas to food to health insurance to water to sewer, they have jacked up everything,” Sawyer said.

Whaley’s plan would use the $2.6 billion federal dollars already appropriated to Ohio to give $350 rebates for individuals and $700 rebates for couples. She said the Ohioans who received stimulus payments during the pandemic would likely also qualify for these rebates.

Some economists have claimed adding federal dollars directly into the economy could send inflation higher. Whaley noted this money has already been allocated by the federal government to go to the states. She blamed price gouging as being one big problem that is driving up the costs of goods and services right now. And she said her opponent, Gov. Mike DeWine, and other state leaders have done nothing to prevent it. She said the price gouging legislation she called for months ago would really help Ohioans right now.

A request for comment has been made from DeWine's office. This story will be updated if and when that comment becomes available.

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