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Ohio officials react to reports of Nazi homeschooling group in Upper Sandusky

School supplies on a wooden background
School supplies on a wooden background

A Nazi homeschooling group is being run by a couple out of Upper Sandusky in northwest Ohio, according to reporting from Vice and HuffPost. The detailed reporting from those outlets said the group has 2,500 members in search of “Nazi-approved material” for their home-schooled children.

The reports have gotten a lot of attention from Ohio lawmakers and state officials.

Interim state school board president Stephanie Siddens said in a tweet she "emphatically and categorically denounce[s] the racist, antisemitic and fascist ideology and materials” in those reports.

Teresa Fedor, newly-elected state school board member and Democratic former state lawmaker, wants to know more about the alleged homeschooling group.

“This is outrageous. I want to know how many Ohio tax dollars have gone into their pockets to promote hate and a generation of children that are going to have hateful outcomes in their minds," Fedor said.

Tom Roberts, Ohio Conference of the NAACP president and Democratic former state senator, agreed.

“I was shocked. I know that there is all kinds of hate and all kinds of anti-American groups out there, but for it to be taught in school is another subject altogether," Roberts said, also noting that he plans to bring this to the attention of the national board of directors of the NAACP.

Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, said in a statement through his spokesman: “Racism and antisemitism are vile and repugnant. Governor DeWine condemns them in all forms.”

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