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Changes likely coming in the way Ohio markets itself to tourists and business leaders

The "Ohio Find It Here" sign welcomes people on the William S. Ritchie Jr. Bridge, also known as the Ravenswood Bridge, on the border with West Virginia.
Karen Kasler

The "find it here" tourism tagline that Ohio has been using since 2015 may soon be lost by the state.

Ohio is likely going to be changing its strategy for attracting tourists and convincing businesses to locate in the state. Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) has proposed the change as part of his two-year state budget.

If the change is implemented, you won't be able to find a unique message for visitors here in Ohio. Instead, the state would focus on attracting people to Ohio - to work and live.

DeWine said the way he sees it, the messages of the state’s tourism and job development agencies are the same.

“And that is Ohio is a great place and it’s a place that the quality of life is good and it’s a good place also do business," DeWine said.

The Ohio Department of Development, which oversees the state’s tourism department, has proposed the agency be called the State Marketing Office. And even though it will be promoting more than tourism, its $10 million a year budget would not increase.

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