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Ohio doctors behind November amendment defend woman charged after miscarriage

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The group of doctors behind Issue 1, the successful campaign to enshrine abortion rights into the Ohio Constitution, is speaking out about a case the physicians say is protected under the new voter-approved amendment.

Dr. Lauren Beene with Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights has senta letterto Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins, asking him to dismiss charges against Brittany Watts. The 33-year-old from Warren has been charged with abuse of a corpse for the way she handled the remains of her miscarriage.

“We believe that she has committed absolutely no crime—but rather this has become a crime that’s being committed against her," Beene said.

The case against Watts has made national news in recent days as outlets have reported details of the case, including the accusation that Watts flushed and plunged fetal remains in a toilet at her home after miscarrying.

Beene said Watts should be getting offers of help right now since she has been through a traumatic pregnancy. And Beene said Watts should not be prosecuted, especially in light of Issue 1, which specifically guarantees access to miscarriage care.

"This very case is in opposition to our now constitutional protection for reproductive freedom," Beene said.

But the crime Watts is accused of allegedly happened in September, before the reproductive rights amendment was approved by 57% of Ohio's voters.

The case against Watts was sent to a grand jury last month.



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