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Snowplow crashes are happening too often on Ohio's highways

A snowplow at work
Ohio Department of Transportation
An Ohio snowplow at work

Every time it snows, you’ve probably heard the saying ad nauseam: “don’t crowd the plow.” But some Ohioans apparently aren’t getting the message.

Ohio Department of Transportation press secretary Matt Bruning said as of Friday morning, there have been 14 crashes involving snowplows already in 2024.

“And that’s ridiculous. We had 26 all last winter," Bruning said.

That’s more than one snowplow crash every two days. Bruning said motorists need to give the state’s 1,700 plows and trucks time to work.

Work from home if you can

Some workers can't work from home. But of you can, Bruning said snowy days are good ones to work do that. He said the fewer drivers on the roads, the easier it is for crews to clear the highways.

“When people stay off the road, it makes it safer for our crews to get the job done because there are fewer chances of us getting hit. It also, when there is traffic and congestion, our plows are stuck in that," Bruning said.

Weather forecasts for this weekend show snow in much of Ohio. Bruning said there's a special focus in Northeast Ohio.

“Points to the east of Cleveland, that’s where we are really going to see our highest snowfall totals and that’s where we anticipate our crews are going to really have their work cut out for them over the next 24-72 hours," Bruning said.

Bruning said there is plenty of salt available statewide to use on icy roadways. He urges drivers to allow extra time to get to their destinations.

This story has been updated to reflect an increase in the number of snowplow crashes from the time the story was initially written.

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