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Following tornado damage earlier this month, Indian Lake State Park has reopened

Dusk at Indian Lake State Park campgrounds
Ohio Department of Natural Resources website
Dusk at Indian Lake State Park campgrounds

After suffering damage from the tornado and severe storms that struck Logan County on March 14, Indian Lake State Park has reopened.

“We have worked very hard through our own DNR staff, the community and hundreds of volunteers to pick up litter, debris,” said park manager Hiedie Whitman. “We have really focused on water debris and we have had park support come in and work on that, getting that debris out of the water and we feel now that we are at a place where we can welcome back visitors.”

Whitman said the park is fully booked with campers who want to camp there to watch the upcoming total solar eclipse April 8.

The EF-3 tornado that hit the park earlier this month was 1,000 yards wide and it stayed on the ground for 31 miles. It created widespread devastation not only to the state park but also to neighboring communities. Three people died in Logan County, and residents in Lakeview, Russell's Point, and Orchard Island lost their homes to storm damage.

While Indian Lake State Park has reopened, Fox Island hasn't. It sustained extensive damage from downed trees that destroyed a shelter house. That area still requires additional cleanup.

Modifications have been made to the no-wake zone areas. Additional bouys have been placed between Paradise Island east to Orchard island and from Orchard Island east to Moundwood. Those changes are being made doe to possible debris in the lake in those areas.

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) said the reopening of the park speaks to the nature of Ohioans.

“Ohioans are resilient, and we have been diligent in assuring the health and safety of residents in the weeks following the tornadoes and severe storms in Western Ohio,” said DeWine.

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