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Helpline Offers More Services For Rape Survivors

Survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence now have a free way to talk to a trained advisor at any time of day and from anywhere in Ohio. 

The statewide toll-free helpline received a $1.2 million grant from the state, and will be operated by OhioHealth, a network of hospitals in central Ohio.

Adrienne Estes is a rape survivor who’s been an advocate for victim services for years. She says the 24/7 component to the helpline is vital.

“You can’t choose when you’re going to have a crises. For me it was always like at four in the morning you didn’t want to call your best friend you didn’t want to wake your mom up and you needed to talk to someone right then and there and knowing that there was that number to call was super helpful,” said Estes.

Backers say the helpline isn’t just about reporting an assault but handling physical or emotional issues that come up in the long-term.

The number to call is 844-OHIO-HELP. That’s 844-644-6435.

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