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State Pushes For Stronger Prescription Oversight, Expanded Addiction Treatment

Andy Chow
Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor

The latest report from the state shows that fatal drug overdoses are on the rise with addiction continuing to grow in Ohio. While officials have spent the past few years trying to fix the issue, more policies are still coming out. 

In 2014 nearly 2,500 people died of drug overdoses - about 15% more than the year before.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor says among new policies to battle the crisis is a requirement that pharmacy technicians to be licensed or registered. On the other side, the administration is seeking laws that can make it easier to open treatment centers.

“It’s not going to be managed controlled or stopped from a law enforcement perspective only, we’re not going to arrest our way out of this problem. We need to get everybody involved in combating drug abuse here in Ohio and also treating those that already are addicted to these substances,” said Taylor.

Those measures are in the form of a bill that now sits in the House.

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