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Senate Budget Amendment Would End Medicaid Expansion Enrollment

Andy Chow
Senate Finance Committee discusses long list of amendments proposed for the state budget bill in the Ohio Statehouse.

As the U.S. Senate prepares to unveil its health care plan, the Ohio Senate is moving with a provision that would stop enrolling a certain group of people into Medicaid. 

Nearly 700,000 people have received health care in Ohio ever since Gov. John Kasich opted for expanded Medicaid in 2014. The latest version of the state budget includes a provision that would stop enrolling people into Medicaid under the expanded guidelines starting July of next year.

This is similar to a bill Republican Senator Bill Coley has been pushing for. He has said this would be a pause so the state can see what changes Congress might make to the health care laws.

Democrats have said ending enrollment for Medicaid expansion would be unfair. Kasich’s office says they’re still taking a close look at the details of the amendment.

If this provision passes the House and Senate, it’s still possible for Kasich to line item veto it.

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