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Lawmakers To Hear Testimony On A Controversial Anti-Vaccine Bill Tuesday

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny testifies on Sub HB 248
The Ohio Channel
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny testifies for anti-vaccine bill before Ohio House Health committee

This bill would affect all vaccines, not just COVID-19 shots.

An Ohio House Committee will hear testimony later this morning on an anti-vaccination bill that would ban businesses, schools, and other entities from requiring any vaccines.

The bill (HB 248), sponsored by Rep. Jennifer Gross (R- West Chester) would not only prevent mandates on COVID vaccines but also shots for childhood illnesses like measles. It would also ban so-called "vaccine passports" and prevent discrimination against unvaccinated Ohioans.

A hearing earlier in June got national attention when witnesses falsely suggested COVID vaccines magnetized people and interfaced with 5G cell towers.

The legislation is opposed by mainstream medical and business groups, including the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

While a hearing during a legislative break is unusual, Republican House Speaker Bob Cupp says there will not be a vote on the bill now.

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