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COVID numbers in Ohio are trending higher just before the holiday weekend

A sign describing COVID-19 symptoms is displayed in the lobby of a building on the campus of Grant Medical Center in downtown Columbus.
Karen Kasler
Statehouse News Bureau

This Easter and Passover weekend is the first major holiday season since the majority of COVID-19 restrictions — including from cities and businesses — were lifted. But it doesn’t mean Ohioans should throw precautions out the window.

COVID-19 case numbers have been on the rise in Ohio lately. Three weeks ago, 3,103 cases were reported compared to 4,808 reported this week.

Although the Ohio Department of Health said case numbers are not considered fully accurate because many home test results are not often reported, agency leaders say it is still a trend they are watching.

But it's not just case numbers that are rising. There were 297 hospitalizations three weeks ago. There are 317 hospitalizations this week with ICU admissions jumping from 19 to 29 over that three week period.

The second wave of the Omicron variant is thought to be responsible for much of this increase. That variant is highly transmissible though it is generally considered to produce milder effects in most people.

But there is some good news

The number of deaths related to COVID-19 are going down. There were 249 deaths recorded three weeks ago and 100 deaths recorded this week.

Ohio health leaders said there is a good supply of therapeutics on hand and widely available that can help Ohioans who become ill with the virus.

Health professionals continue to call on Ohioans to make sure they are fully vaccinated and boosted. At this point, less than two-thirds of eligible Ohioans are considered fully vaccinated according to the CDC definition. It says people who have completed the primary series are considered fully vaccinated. Health officials also highly recommend Ohioans get booster shots or extra doses if eligible.

Right now, 3,505,673 extra doses of the vaccine have been administered in Ohio.

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