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Abortion Rate Declines For Fourth Year In A Row, But Both Sides In Debate Have Differing Reasons Why

Ohio Department of Health

The number of abortions in Ohio last year went down for the fourth year in a row. Both sides in the debate are pleased, but have differing opinions on why.

There weremore than 20,672 surgical abortions in Ohio last year, and 304 fewer than the year before. Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis said the numbers are down because of a holistic approach to pregnancy and women’s health. “We believe it’s a combination of our pregnancy centers, pro-life laws, access to Medicaid expansion.”

But Jaime Miracle at NARAL/Pro Choice Ohio said fewer women are getting pregnant overall, and she noted an increase in single dose abortion medication because of a change in federal policy. “We need science based policies, not these continuous attacks from Ohio Right to Life and the Ohio Legislature on access to health care.”

The 2016 number is more than half of the state’s record year for abortions - over 45,000 in 1982.

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