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Volunteers, Lawmakers Build Portion Of House On Statehouse Plaza

It’s not uncommon to see a tent on the Statehouse grounds – but the beginnings of a full-sized house right outside the west stairs of the building was unusual.

Lawmakers were invited to swing hammers to help create some framing that would be moved to a home site in Marysville. Habitat for Humanity brought the tools and supplies to the Statehouse to raise awareness of what the organization does – and doesn’t do. For instance, executive director Ryan Miller says Habitat doesn’t just give homes away to residents. “They actually pay property taxes, just like every other homeowner does here in Ohio. Actually, last year, Habitat for Humanity homeowners paid over $3 million in property taxes.”

The wall building event was also held to draw attention to the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Fair Housing Act and what activists say is a continuing need for more affordable housing

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