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Kasich Observes 9-11 Anniversary, Alongside Republicans, Democrats And Thousands Of Flags

Gov. John Kasich participated in a 9-11 ceremony at the Statehouse, joined by both Republicans and Democrats who stood on the west side of the Statehouse, overlooking a field of nearly 3,000 small flags.

Kasich told those at the memorial on Monday that the 9-11 attacks are "bigger than just one day", because they were an attack on all the things that Americans represent. “So when we think about 9-11, I think it should be a mixture of grief and sadness. B ut also, also a renewal of our strength, for what it means to be, have this special title that I and you – we are Americans," Kasich said.

The small flags are installed every year on the grounds by volunteers, in a pattern that represents the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon.

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