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Andy Chow is a general assignment state government reporter who focuses on environmental, energy, agriculture, and education-related issues. He started his journalism career as an associate producer with ABC 6/FOX 28 in Columbus before becoming a producer with WBNS 10TV.

Andy gained his in-depth knowledge of Statehouse issues while working for Hannah News Service, an online-based news and research publication. He also participated in the Legislative Service Commission’s Fellowship program as a production assistant for “The Ohio Channel.”

Andy earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcasting at Otterbein University and took part in the Washington Semester program through American University in Washington, D.C.

Karen Kasler

The state wants Ohioans to speak out on what they want students to learn in school.

Andy Chow

While state lawmakers just passed a sweeping reform of the state’s charter school system, one senator says more can be done to improve online charters. 

Iberdrola Renewables

Clean energy is thriving in Ohio, according to a new jobs report. But advocates say the green energy industry can do even more, with help from lawmakers. 

Andy Chow

While the election may be driving a divide between and even inside political parties, there’s still one issue in Ohio that has conservatives and liberals working together. ACLU is the latest group to jump into the conversation with a comprehensive report to try and tackle criminal justice reform.

Andy Chow

The Ohio primary win for John Kasich not only means a possible shift in momentum but more time away from Ohio and on the campaign trail. But the governor’s administration says it's still focused on business at home. 

Karen Kasler

Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld tried to put up a strong challenge against Ted Strickland in the U.S. Senate Democratic primary, but lost by a large margin. Top party leaders talked about what the future might hold for Sittenfeld.

Andy Chow

While John Kasich may have gotten a boost from the Ohio Primary win, the delegate math still shows he can't get the amount needed to clinch the nomination. This could mean a heated battle during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Andy Chow

John Kasich and his campaign are hoping the big Ohio Primary win will be a game changer for the rest of the race.  Kasich’s home state supporters hope the victory will sends a statement to the rest of the country.

Andy Chow

From running for state senator to Congress to governor, now-presidential hopeful John Kasich has been asking Ohioans for their vote for decades. But he's asking supporters to vote in the biggest one yet.

Andy Chow

The Democratic candidates battling for the party’s nomination have made it clear that Ohio is the state to win in tomorrow’s next set of primaries. The huge push from both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to win Ohio included a big dinner in Columbus.

"The State of Ohio"

Throughout the Republican presidential town halls and debates, Gov. John Kasich has painted himself as a moderate in the race. A top Democrat in Ohio is disputing that picture but insists he's not doing so to give Donald Trump the upper hand in the state.


As President Barack Obama and the U.S. Senate face a Supreme Court nomination fight, one Ohioan says the need to fill the empty seat hits him on a personal level. 

Andy Chow

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and other groups are suing Ohio’s top elections official, demanding he allow 17-year-olds to vote in the presidential primary. 

Bernie 2016

The auto industry bailout, fracking and job creation are some of the big issues the Democratic presidential candidates are battling over as they compete for votes in the Midwest primaries, including Ohio. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow talked to U.S. Senator and candidate Bernie Sanders about how he plans to win over Ohio voters.

Andy Chow

State officials are teaming up with business leaders to bring more fresh food to low-income and underserved areas. 

Higher education officials are pushing for stronger partnerships among colleges and universities to make costs more affordable for students.

Andy Chow

Hoping for a shift of momentum with the Midwest primaries, Gov. John Kasich is putting some new energy into his campaign with a heavyweight in both the political arena and the world of entertainment. 

Just months after state lawmakers passed a sweeping reform of Ohio’s charter school system, they could soon be considering a proposal that could weaken one of the measures. 

Natural gas closed at a 17-year price low today. And low prices have raised reservations from lawmakers about the nature of Ohio’s oil and gas industry. But one group is still calling for an increase to the drilling tax. 

Ohio House of Representatives

When a person is found guilty of violent charges such as rape or kidnapping, a judge can sentence that criminal to prison but can’t stop them from trying to contact the victim at the same time. A lawmaker wants to close that so-called loophole. 

Andy Chow

As voters in a dozen states cast their ballot for who they want as their presidential nominee, front runner Donald Trump made a big campaign stop in Ohio. 

In the wake of communities protesting police-involved shootings, the state is offering its help to improve relationships between local law enforcement and community groups. 

As people around the state continue to study the latest school report cards released by the Department of Education, there seems to be at least one area causing some confusion. 

Big oil and coal companies have been known for making major campaign contributions. Now an environmental group wants to beat those companies at their own game. 

A statewide teachers’ union is putting out an alert for educators to lookout for illegal grading schemes. 

Santeri Viinamäki / Wikimedia Commons

The fatal police shooting of a man in Cincinnati is adding fuel to the debate over imitation firearms. 

Andy Chow

Help is now available for farmers who need a hand cutting down on nutrients that run off of their land and into Lake Erie, which can create harmful algae. 

Andy Chow

A high-ranking state official is blasting as “inappropriate” a reported deal between the Ohio Department of Education and those involved in a school data scrubbing scandal. 

Andy Chow

Ohio leaders are hoping to score some help from a national group to cut down on the number of minors put behind bars. 

Statehouse News Bureau

It’s been about a year since leaders started publicly vying to become the next President of the United States. Now with early voting underway, the upcoming primary could be a big deal.