Christian Groups Drop Lawsuit Over South Euclid's Anti-Discrimination Law

May 29, 2019

A conservative Christian organization and a Catholic school have dropped their lawsuit against an Ohio city for its law protecting against LGBTQ discrimination.

The Alliance Defending Freedom was representing the Lyceum against South Euclid’s non-discrimination ordinance, which the school said might threaten its teachings on marriage and gender. 

The school had claimed there were First Amendment issues involved, but the city’s Keith Benjamin said this is a civil rights issue.

“We can have laws and public policy in our country that protect members of the LGBT and respect religious freedom. And in South Euclid, I think that's what we did," Benjamin said.

The group says it’s dropping the suit because it wanted answers on how the law would be enforced – and South Euclid, which was assisted by the ACLU, says the law has an educational exemption and it won’t be applied to the school.