Conservative Groups Voice Objections, Concerns With Nuclear Subsidies Bill

May 1, 2019

The energy bill that would bail out nuclear plants while repealing the state’s green energy standards on utilities is collecting a variety of opponents that don’t usually take the same side.

Conservative groups have joined environmental groups in voicing their objections to the energy bill, HB6, albeit for different reasons.

Micah Derry with Americans for Prosperity Ohio says the bill, which could dole out more than $150 million to Ohio’s two nuclear plants, is an unfair bailout.

Derry goes on to say this bills like this one gives capitalism a bad name.

“Policies that have led to hundreds of thousands of students on university campuses across the United States to believe that capitalism is a fraud, a fake, and a failure. It is because they’ve been told, and observed that such cronyism and corporate welfare is actually capitalism,” Derry says. 

The conservative Buckeye Institute and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce also have concerns with the nuclear subsidies but do support a repeal of the energy efficiency mandates.