Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Critical Of The Way Republican Governor Has Dealt With Corruption

Jun 1, 2021

The election for governor is more than a year away but the Democrat who plans to challenge Mike DeWine is blasting him now for failing to rein in the nuclear power plant bailout scandal that has rocked the Statehouse since last July. 

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley blasted GOP Gov Mike DeWine and the Republicans who control the legislature and nearly all of state government for failing to clean up the corruption associated with House Bill 6.

“They have personally benefitted from this pay-to-play culture and are too weak to stand up to it," Whaley says.

Whaley says she would put a plan in place on day one that includes more transparency of donations and a public accountability commission to investigate corruption. 

In a statement, the Ohio Republican Party says Republicans are focused getting Ohioans back to work. And it suggested Whaley do more to deal with corruption in Dayton City Hall, something Whaley says she has done.