Democrats And Republicans Debate Role Of AG - Now Candidate For Governor - In ECOT Scandal

Jul 5, 2018

Democrats have been blasting Republican Attorney General and candidate for governor Mike DeWine for not doing more about the multi-million dollar scandal involving the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, the now-closed online charter school. But Republicans are pushing back.

A finding from Republican Auditor Dave Yost that ECOT submitted fraudulent student data to the state was turned over to federal prosecutors and the Republican Franklin County prosecutor.

Yost, a former prosecutor running for attorney general, said that’s because prosecutions happen locally. “So when Attorney General DeWine says he has no jurisdiction, he's just stating what is a well-known legal fact and frankly shame on the people that are on the other side that know better," Yost said.

But Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron), a former Summit County magistrate, disagreed. “Ohio law gives the Attorney General broad powers for bringing criminal charges against entities that misuse public funds,” Galonski said.

Galonski asked DeWine to appoint a special prosecutor to look into criminal charges regarding ECOT. DeWine has appointed outside counsel to handle the ECOT case.