DeWine Says He'll "Change The Culture" To Make JobsOhio More Transparent

Apr 17, 2019

During his campaign for governor, Mike DeWine said he supports JobsOhio as a non-profit job creating entity, but he wants it to be more transparent. Now he’s deciding how to make that happen.

DeWine said he’s concerned that JobsOhio salary information isn’t being disclosed.

“That just should be, you know, available to the public. There’s no reason the public shouldn’t know what people are getting paid,” DeWine said.

The JobsOhio board of directors is appointed by the governor but not directly accountable to him, so what DeWine can do is limited.

But DeWine said he’ll pick people who want more transparency. He picked Dayton businessman JP Nauseef as president and CIO to replace John Minor, who left last month. And he added Robert Smith as the chairman of the board a few days ago.

“That’s how we’re going to change the culture. That’s how we’re going to have the more openness,” DeWine said.

Right now the nine-member board is made up mostly of appointees of former Gov. John Kasich, who created JobsOhio.