DeWine To Trump: Ohio Will Accept Refugees

Dec 31, 2019

Ohio’s governor is pushing back on the Trump administration over a key issue – accepting refugees.

Gov. Mike DeWine says in a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Ohio has a long history of welcoming and assimilating refugees, and will continue to do that through a “well-developed support network, primarily lead by our faith-based communities”.  

The letter is in response to a September executive order from President Trump, telling states they must publicly declare if they’ll consent to resettlement of refugees.

More than 30 governors – Republicans and Democrats – have agreed to that. But it can be a challenge for GOP governors because the party includes immigration hardliners but also evangelical Christians who have embraced immigrants.

Former Gov. John Kasich established an office to connect immigrants with work and benefits in 2018. DeWine hasn't said whether that office continues to do that work.