DeWine Won't Talk Impeachment, Saying His "Focus Is On Ohio"

Dec 10, 2019

Gov. Mike DeWine is still not talking about how he feels about impeachment proceedings against his fellow Republican, President Donald Trump.

(NOTE: The full interview with Gov. Mike DeWine will be featured on "The State of Ohio" this weekend.)

DeWine was a Senator during the impeachment trial of President Clinton. DeWine said in September that he wanted to wait to see the evidence against Trump.

He now says that it’s up to members of the House and Senate to decide.

“I’m not following it every day. I mean, I see it in the paper, I hear your reports. But my focus is on Ohio," DeWine said in an interview Tuesday, the day the two articles of impeachment were announced.

But DeWine says he’ll continue to campaign with Trump as part of his Ohio re-election team, which includes all Republican members of Congress and many state officeholders. DeWine says it’s primarily because Trump’s appointments to the federal judiciary are important.

DeWine won’t criticize Trump other than to say the president has a different style than the governor, as evident in their tweets.