Final Results In Lorain County Change Overall Total Counties Won By Clinton, Trump

Nov 28, 2016

It turns out Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may have won one more county in Ohio than originally reported.

Lorain County was a close one in the presidential race – as in most parts of the state, Clinton won the urban cores, but Republican Donald Trump’s big wins in the suburbs and rural areas propelled him to an overall victory. Election night totals showed Trump won Lorain County by 388 votes. But final results from the board of elections with all ballots counted, including provisionals, show Clinton actually edged out Trump by 131 votes. That brings to eight the number of Ohio counties Clinton carried, compared to 17 won by President Obama four years ago. All official county results are still not yet certified by the Secretary of State, but since Trump won Ohio by 8.5 points, the final outcome won’t change.