Getting Out The LGTBQ Vote In Ohio

Oct 4, 2018

The Human Rights Campaign estimates there are 1.8 million LGBTQ Ohioans and their allies. And there’s an effort to get those voters to the polls next month, with key statewide races and Ohio’s Congressional delegation on the ballot.

The Human Rights Campaign’s Chad Griffin says equality is on the line this November and he’s urging supporters of his group’s cause to do as much as they can to support LGBTQ friendly candidates.

“We must make this the year of no regrets," Griffin says.

Democratic State Rep. Nickie Antonio, a Democrat from Cleveland who is now running for a state senate seat, has been trying for eight years to get lawmakers to pass a gender equality bill. She says people who support that bill will be voting this fall.

“They will be mobilized, galvanized and ready to fight, starting at the ballot box and going from there," Antonio says.

The groups say they’ll hold a special “Get out the Vote” early voting campaign later this month.