High Profile U.S. Senator Comes To Ohio To Campaign For Democrat Richard Cordray

Apr 13, 2018

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray got a boost today from Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren - who progressives idolize and conservatives strongly oppose. 

Warren appeared with Cordray, the former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which she created under President Obama. She told the crowd at the Newport Theater near Ohio State University that Cordray is on the side of students and hard-working Ohioans.

“Wall Street banks hate everything that Rich stands for and they will stop at nothing to prevent him from becoming your next governor. But they have underestimated one unshakable truth. They’ve got money and they’ve got power but there’s a whole lot more of us than there is of them," Warren said.

Other Democratic gubernatorial candidates are also having high profile people come in to help them campaign before the May 8 primary.