Human Trafficking Report Shows Slight Uptick In Number Of Identified Victims

Jan 25, 2016

There were more than 200 people identified as potential human trafficking victims in Ohio last year – nearly all of them female, and more than a quarter of them under 18. Those are the latest stats from a report presented to the state’s task force on human trafficking.

Members of the state's human trafficking task force hear details of its annual report.
Credit Karen Kasler

The number of potential victims is up slightly over last year’s report. But the state’s human trafficking coordinator, Elizabeth Ranade-Janis, said there’s a detail that explains that. “It absolutely is the case that increased awareness yields more people being helped.”

Ranade-Janis said it’s estimated more than a thousand kids are being trafficked in Ohio at any time. There were more than 100 investigations in the last year – a third resulted in criminal convictions. Most of these were suspected sex trafficking cases, but six victims were thought to be involved in labor trafficking.