Kasich Delegates Prepare For Contested Convention

Mar 16, 2016

While John Kasich may have gotten a boost from the Ohio Primary win, the delegate math still shows he can't get the amount needed to clinch the nomination. This could mean a heated battle during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Kasich and his supporters plan to forge ahead, even though he trails Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in total delegates. But if no one has the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination then the obligation lifts and delegates can choose any candidate.

And Kasich delegate Mike Gonidakis, says he’s ready for a contested convention - saying that wrangling up delegate support inside Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena will be a transparent process.

“We’re gonna let democracy in its purest form play out on national TV. There’s not going to be any backroom deals. What we decide as Americans, as Republicans on the floor during the convention is going to be for the world to see,” said Gonidakis.

Trump has said he thinks riots would break out if he didn’t have the nomination after a contested convention.