New Drivers' Licenses, Including Federally Compliant Ones, Coming This Summer - By Mail Only

Feb 28, 2018

Some big changes are coming for Ohio drivers’ licenses this summer. Ohio will be one of 42 states that will be mailing drivers’ licenses and state ID cards instead of printing them at the state’s 180 deputy registrars’ offices.

Starting July 2, one statewide vendor will use higher tech equipment to create new look drivers’ licenses with additional security features that will be harder to tamper with or counterfeit.  Ohio BMV registrar Don Petit said drivers will also be able to choose whether to get a card that meets federal requirements that go into effect in 2020. "If they want to bring additional documents and get the federally compliant card, it’s up to them. If they choose that they don’t want it or they don’t need it, for whatever reason – either they don’t fly or if they do fly, they’ll just use their passport.”

Those wanting the card that meets national travel security requirement would have to bring documents proving their name and date of birth, social security number, and address.