Ohio Conducting COVID-19 Antibody Study

May 15, 2020

Health officials say the new study to gather samples of COVID-19 antibody test results will include a broad range of participants from around Ohio.

Dr. Amy Acton, Ohio Department of Health director, says antibody tests can determine if someone has had COVID-19 and if they are now immune to the virus, though it’s unclear how long immunity might last.

The state's study will gather samples for more than a thousand people from ages 18 and up and various regions in Ohio.

"Twelve-hundred people who volunteer but they represent all of us. They're volunteering to help us learn more about the prevalence of this disease," says Acton.

The state will send information out to people by mail in search of volunteers. Participants would undergo a blood and swab test. The study can have multiple outcomes, which includes possibly giving a better picture of who is already immune.