Ohio School Boards Association Weighs In On Decision To Release School Report Cards

Feb 26, 2016

Some Democrats and critics of the state's school district grade cards say they should have never been released this year since the test used to formula those grades has since been scrapped. But not everyone agrees.

The Ohio School Boards Association’s Damon Asbury doesn’t have a problem with the grade cards being released but with one caveat.

“The timing of the data and the meaningfulness of the data is certainly questionable. I don’t think it would be appropriate not to release it, not to at least provide the data so people could make some assessment of what they think it means, particularly when the assessment was based on standards, the new standards.”

Many school districts received lower grades this year than in past years. Questions about the PARCC tests that were used for this year’s report cards led lawmakers to choose a different test to evaluate students in the future.