Ohio Vote Certified With Record Turnout, All-Time High Early Vote

Nov 27, 2020

The results of the 2020 vote in Ohio have been officially certified as the highest turnout ever. Nearly three quarters of all registered voters cast ballots.

The 74% turnout is lower than the all-time percentage high of 77% in 1992. But it’s the biggest total vote count: almost 6 million voters – over 200,000 more than the standing record from 2008.

And while President Trump’s margin of victory over President-Elect Joe Biden was slightly lower than his 2016 win, all 88 counties had a higher turnout. Well more than half – over 58% – were early votes, compared to around a third in 2016.

94% of absentee ballots were returned, the highest percentage since early no-fault absentee voting started in 2006.

Ohio’s 18 presidential electors, all pledged to Trump, are to cast their ballots on December 14, and there are still a few races that remain unofficial pending recounts – that includes Columbus area Republican Sen. Stephanie Kunze’s win over Democrat Crystal Lett.