Ohio's Secretary Of State Signed Onto Letter Urging Quick Confirmation Of Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Oct 5, 2020

Ohio’s Secretary of State Frank LaRose has signed onto a letter with Republican officials and candidates across the nation, urging the Senate to press forward with confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barret to the U.S. Supreme Court before the November election. 

The letter says America "cannot afford a tie vote" and it urges the confirmation of President Trump’s pick of Barrett now so she can help break a tie if necessary. LaRose says he signed it because he agrees.

“I don’t think we should continue with an eight-member court," LaRose says.

Confirmation hearings are set to begin on October 12th. Democrats say it’s too dangerous for the hearings right now, noting the Senate has closed its other operations due to the COVID-19 outbreak.