Online Voter Registration Bill Faces Controversy

Jan 25, 2016

An Ohio House committee will be considering a bill tomorrow that would allow online voter registration.

Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long flanked by some of his supporters
Credit Statehouse News Bureau

The Ohio Christian Alliance’s Chris Long is urging House members to reject the Senate-passed bill that would allow residents to register to vote online.

“We think it should be slow walked and that the platform on the internet should be tested, vetted before it’s implemented.”

Long says there should be more safeguards in place, so the change should wait after the November election. But Democratic State Representative Kathleen Clyde says there’s no good reason to do that.

Democratic State Representative Kathleen Clyde
Credit Statehouse News Bureau

“The system for online voter registration is already built because we allow online address updates.”

Clyde says online registration is easier, would save money and is a better system overall.