Rules For Games, Fans For Ohio High School Sports Expected Tuesday

Aug 13, 2020

Gov. Mike DeWine says work will continue over the weekend to get guidelines in place for high school sports – and he says he’ll announce them on Tuesday. But he had a preview of what to expect.

DeWine said his administration has been working with the Ohio High School Athletic Association, and coaches will be consulted in a call.

At his Thursday press conference, DeWine said parents will be the only fans who will be allowed to see any games, including football.

“We're going to restrict the number of fans," DeWine said. "We want the athletes to compete. We want the young people to have their season, but we want to do it as safely as possible. And so this will be a little disruptive for some people.”

Testing is required of athletes in contact sports now, but there are hints that may be lifted.

DeWine also said a judge's recent ruling to allow contact sports at facilities in Warren County, including basketball tournaments with lots of games that could bring people in from out of state, was "not a good idea".