Senators, Law Enforcement Tout Importance Of Front License Plates

Jul 29, 2019

A pair of Republican senators want to keep requiring Ohio vehicles to have front license plates. A new provision that drops that requirement goes into effect next year, so the lawmakers say they still have time to fight the change.

Sen. Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) and Sen. Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) say law enforcement can use cameras in places such as gas stations, intersections, and school buses to catch criminals. But Uecker says, being able to see a front license plays a crucial role.

“For all the school bus violators. The children that are at risk. For the amber alerts, the silver alerts, why would we want to diminish the capability that Ohio has,” says Uecker.

Critics say drilling holes to attach a front license plate on can ruin the look and devalue a vehicle.

Lawmakers dropped the front plate requirement in the this year’s transportation budget. Uecker believes holding a separate vote on this issue might bring a different result.