Sierra Club: Saving Obamacare, Environment Go Hand-In-Hand

Jan 16, 2017

The fight to save Obamacare is spreading throughout different advocacy groups. That includes people who say protecting the environment and Obamacare go hand-in-hand.

As the Republican-controlled Congress begins to move forward in repealing the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, several groups are coming out to try and save the health care law.

The Sierra Club’s Cathy Cowan Becker says climate change poses a major health threat to certain groups of people.

“The very poor, the very young and the very old. Those with mental and physical handicaps. And those with chronic health conditions. So in other words the exact same people who depend on Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act.”

Cowan Becker says turning away from policies that protect the environment and doing away with Obamacare is a dangerous combination.