State Ed Leader Explains Why Testing Ohio Students This Year Is Important

Feb 23, 2021

The U.S Department of Education says educators must resume federally mandated tests thihs year. Lawmakers in Columbus have been debating what to do about Ohio’s standardized tests. The state superintendent is now weighing in on that question.

Some state lawmakers have advocated for scrapping state tests this year that are usually given to the state’s students because many students have been learning remotely. Other state leaders, including Paolo DeMaria, the state superintendent of public instruction, say the tests should be used as a diagnostic tool but not as a measure of accountability.

“We should not rank, rate, or punish, or have consequences for districts based on testing because we knew their year was interrupted. We know they are not putting forth their best efforts,” DeMaria says.

DeMaria says the tests will provide educators and the state with information about what students need to learn in order to make up for lost learning due to COVID.