Students Voice Their Support For Charter Schools

May 3, 2016

Charter school advocates brought out a group of supporters that aren’t always heard in the education debate: the students themselves. 

Dozens of children cheered at a Statehouse rally in support of charter schools. 

Republican Senate President Keith Faber addressed the crowd telling them that special interest groups are trying to shut down charter schools and end parent choice.

“I think moms and dads make far better decisions for their kids than some education bureaucrat in Columbus or worse yet Washington, D.C. I think moms and dads make better decisions than a teacher’s union representative and certainly better decisions than politicians,” said Faber.

Senate President Keith Faber (R-Celina) addresses crowd
Credit Andy Chow

The rally was held just hours before a committee hearing for a bill that would increase e-school attendance accountability. The bill’s backer says Faber assigned it to a committee where it might have trouble passing.