There Is Another Sign That Former Ohio Health Director Amy Acton Might Be Running For Senate In 2022

Feb 4, 2021

It is looking a little more likely that Ohio’s former health director, Dr. Amy Action, is seriously considering a run for US Senate next year. Acton has resigned as vice president of the Human:Kind initiative with the non-profit Columbus Foundation, a post that she’s held since August.

Before she resigned as health director last summer, Acton signed several controversial orders that shut down businesses during the height of the pandemic, making her the target of armed protests and death threats. In a written statement, Acton says she’s humbled by the support she’s received from Ohioans who are urging her to run for Senate in 2022 and says she’s carefully considering how she can be of service.

There have been reports that Democrats have been polling about her name ID, which could mean she’d be on the same ballot as her former boss, Gov. Mike DeWine – but in different races and for different parties.